Village Links

Archive aerial pictures of Herefordshire
Aerial pictures of Hereford and surrounding parishes pre and post war including RAF Credenhill.
Credenhill bus timetable
Credenhill has a bus service to and from the city of Hereford.
Credenhill Church
Credenhill doctor's surgery
Information about Credenhill doctor's surgery.
Credenhill wildlife
Information about the wildlife within Credenhill woods.
Dog Fouling
A guide to dog fouling and the law. Anyone exercising a dog in a public place - including children who walk dogs - must by law clean up any poo that the dog deposits. It is no defence in a court of law to say the dog walker hasn't got the means with them to do so. If you have information about dog owners who fail to clean up after their dog poo's in a public place, contact the dog warden via Herefordshire Council;
Dog law.
If you are a dog owner you should familiarise yourself with this kennel club information page. Did you know for example that any dog in a public place must by law wear a collar and a tag with the owners name and address on it?
Enjoy a fag?
Gasping for a 'fag'? Have a look at this!
Finding out about the history of the parish and tracing your family tree.
Credenhill Parish Council do not hold any documents or records regarding family history or the history of the parish. If you are looking for information on this subject you can find various web pages to help you. You can start by clicking on the link to get information about Herefordshire County Records Office where much of the information is located, and how to access it. You can also use the 'a church near you' link in this section.
Health and Safety Myths
Information that explodes some of the 'Urban Myths' surrounding Health and Safety legislation straight from the 'horses mouth'.
Hereford Flood Aleviation Scheme
Hereford's flood aleviation scheme involves parts of Credenhill. Find out about the project here.
Hereford Times Newspaper
Find out what the news is in our county.
Herefordshire Council
Herefordshire Council website
Herefordshire History
Find out about the history of Hereford and surrounding areas.
Latest travel and weather information.
Get the latest travel and weather information around the country.
Local history.
A brief history of hereford.
Local Policing.
Information about Credenhill Rural Police Team, who they are and how to contact them.
Meals on Wheels
Give them a call today!
More stuff on Hereford
If you like what you see why not visit Hereford (and spend some money there) :-)
National Government
Public Services all in one place.The best place to find government services and information
St Mary's School, Credenhill.
Follow this link to St Mary's School website.
Want to loose weight, feel healthy and get fitter?
Fit and Healthy is a specialist Health, Nutrition and Fitness clinic which delivers sustainable results for individuals and groups.
Welcome to Credenhill Village
Some general information about our village
When to call an ambulance.
Information on when and how to call for an ambulance.
Woodland Trust
Credenhill Park Wood is a stunning woodland on the site of an ancient Hill Fort and is owned by the Woodland Trust. We would love you to visit and use our wood.
If you wish to find out more about activities you could run here such as walking/rambling, exercise groups, youth groups and so on, contact Jane Craven on 08452 935 742 or email
Would you know what to do in the event of a fire?
Information from Hereford and Worcester Fire Service.
Counselling Directory provides a huge support network of counsellors, enabling visitors to find a counsellor close to them and appropriate for their needs